Faux Woods Blinds are one of the most popular choices for window treatments as a result of their affordability, durability and ease of maintenance. They are moisture resistant which makes them a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms which tend to be moisture prone areas. Their moisture resistance makes them easy to clean with a damp cloth.  Our Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds options are engineered to prevent warping, fading, cracking, and peeling. Faux wood blinds are also durable and resistant to easy scratching and marring.

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Types of Faux Wood Blinds:

Solid PVC Faux Wood

 Solid PVC blinds are moisture proof as a result of the PVC material that they are made of (similar to material used in the manufacture of PVC pipes).  You can choose from a smooth PVC material or imprinted wood grain textures. PVC faux wood blinds are very durable and resistant to sun damage as a result of UV inhibitors and other additives that are added to the manufacturing process. As a result of their “stacking slat” functionality, PVC Faux wood blinds weigh more than wood and composite blinds so it is important to purchase a quality faux wood blind that has components engineered to withstand repeated use.  

Composite Faux Wood Blinds

Composite Faux Wood Blinds are lighter and can thus be used in larger windows.  They are made of wood pulp that is bound with resin contributing to a durable but lighter product.  Composite Faux Wood blinds have smooth services and a gloss finished look. They can accommodate larger windows are easier to raise and lower as a result of their lighter weight. 

Composite and Faux Wood Blind Options

Cordless lift functionality enables you to easily raise or lower your blinds in one effortless motion. They have a hidden control system that allows for easy maneuvering of the blind and eliminates the need for mechanical lift cords. Cordless Lift is a popular option because they are much safer than blinds that use cords that serve as choking hazards for children and pets.

Continuous Cord Loop Controls allows you to adjust your blinds by pulling on a cord that revolves in a continuous loop.  The cord loop is attached to a wall or window frame and the cord loop system allows for a focused and aligned amount of force to raise and lower your blinds much easier. 

Routeless blinds – As a result of light that penetrates seams between their louver slats, Horizontal blinds are not completely room darkening. Routeless blinds have not visible cord which eliminates light pass through.  Additionally, routeless blinds close tighter eliminating unwanted light. 

Cloth Tapes are bands of fabric that run vertically the length of your Horizontal blinds and cover visible cord route holes . They come in varying texture and color options that pair with your room décor and add style, texture and warmth to your Horizontal blinds. They also cover route holes   leakage.


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