Pleated shades offer varying degrees of light control and crisp stylistic Horizontal pleat lines. Pleated shades offer you privacy blackout, light filtered or sheer options to maintain a room lit naturally to whatever degree you choose. We offer whites, neutrals and bold prints and you can choose from fashionable 1 inch and 2 inch pleat options with clean pleat lines to suit your windows and personal room décor taste.
With their narrow profile, Pleated shades hang neatly within window frames allowing them to be paired with drapes or other window treatments. Stylish and elegant, pleated shades compliment both traditional and modern decors with fashionable lush fabric print options and natural textures. Our pleated shades are made by Graber, a quality manufacturer that has been in the window fashion business for over 80 years. Our pleated shades are constructed of stylish and durable material that is manufactured to last and prevent sagging.

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