So….you think sheer window coverings are a thing of the past? Take a look at our modern sheer shade options and we’ll change your mind. Our layered Mezzanine sheer shades offer you the dual functionality of blinds and shades and add elegant modernism to you décor.

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Corded and Cordless options are available and Graber’s Mezzanine Shades allow you to simply and easily adjust light, privacy and views by positioning alternating panels of sheer and opaque materials for your optimal look and feel.The combination of sheer material with conventional blinds provide the dual benefit of filtered soft light with interior design color and design options. Sheer shades pair contemporary blinds with the added ambiance and soft light filtering effects of sheer fabric shades.

You can close sheer layered shades all the way to completely block light and attain absolute privacy or open them incrementally allowing variable intensity of soft natural light to penetrate the quality sheer fabric and brighten your room without completely compromising your privacy or window views. You choose from numerous colors and styles to fit your home or office décor. Sheer shades are ideal to ensure privacy and work equally as well for your media room as they do your office conference room. The seamless sheer inter-connective fabric allows you to filter and moderate light entering the room so you can watch TV without glare or conduct the power point presentation in your office conference room without disruptive light. Additionally, sheer blinds block direct rays of light assisting with your energy bills by insulating your home or office. Graber’s Mezzanine shades block 99% of UV rays that overheat your home and fade your flooring and furniture. Graber’s shades meet VOC content safety limits and Graber shades are free of PVC, phenols, and formaldehyde.

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