Their name says it all! Solar shades are an excellent solution to block or filter harsh UV solar rays that overly heat your house (and overheat your energy budget) while preserving your view of the outdoors and preventing damage from solar bleaching of your flooring, textiles and furniture. They are a great option for rooms facing the rising or setting sun. Our Solar shades eliminate or reduce heavy glare that irritates your eyesight and overwhelms the feel of your room décor not to mention your ability to watch your favorite TV show or movie. You can choose from light blocking solar shades or varying degrees of light filtration. The amount of light blocked or allowed through is determined by the density of the weave of fabric. A dense weave allows less light through and has better insulating and light blocking properties but also blocks your view more. A loosely woven shade will allow more light penetration and serve as less of a light filter allowing for a brighter room and better outdoor views. Of course a medium weave density allows a more equal compromise of insulation, light penetration, and outdoor visibility.

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We offer numerous Solar Shade options that offer high quality materials, durability and top notch manufacturing standards. Express your own personal flare, color, pattern, and style preferences. Our Solar shades will compliment your traditional or modern home décor and they are ideal for privacy, darkening and insulating characteristics needed to compete your office décor as well.


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