Of Course at Beeline Blinds, honeycomb shades are our favorite. Beeline Blinds is proud to offer stylistic, high quality and durable cellular shades from Graber. Cellular shades (otherwise known as honeycomb shades) are functional, versatile and easy to maintain and use, not to mention their excellent insulating characteristics. Soft light filtering effects of cellular shades make them an excellent choice to pair with drapes and curtains. Cellular window treatments sizes vary from 3/8 inch to 2 inch.

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Larger pleats are more suitable to larger windows and smaller pleats are suitable to smaller windows allowing you to maintain a uniform but appropriate look and feel. Larger pleats allow for a more formal look in large windows without sagging and heavy stacking of pleats created when the shades are drawn up. Honeycomb shades allow you to filter light while enhancing the insulation of your home. For room lighting you can choose from varying degrees of light filtering to room darkening.Cellular shades trap air in open cell cavities that create an excellent insulating effect reducing the effect of air drafts on the energy efficiency of your home. You may choose from single or double cell shades depending on your desired amount of insulation. Our cordless options offer a safe tangle proof option for homes with children and pets. You can choose from a varying array of colors and patterns to meet your stylistic desires.


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