Graber Natural Shades add a sophisticated earthly element to your home décor. Natural Shades and Woven wood shades are an excellent option to add comfort and warmth to your home with the natural textures and color options of woven blinds. Fuse your home or office décor with nature by incorporating woven shades made of organic material such as bamboo, jute, and natural renewable resource materials. Graber’s Tradewinds Natural Drapes collection pairs well with their natural shades collection to round out the distinguished look of your home. Our woven wood shades compliment casual and more formal settings and fuse perfectly with modern, traditional and more eclectic styles alike.

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No other window treatment can more appropriately blend the natural colors, textures and beauty of window treatments with the great outdoors. Made from sustainable and natural materials, our woven shades offer various earth tones, colors, hues and natural texture options that connect your home with your surrounding yard or simply add the feel of nature to your windows, your portal to the outside world. Graber offers and expertly engineered cordless system that offers smooth, flawless function. Additionally, you can add privacy to your woven shades by choosing a liner option to dim or block light offering varying privacy and lighting options.

Woven wood shades are Beautiful as a result of the authentic natural appeal. They are crafted from natural materials so they are known for characteristic color, size and texture variations that contribute to their natural appeal. As a result of nonconformity of wood material they often have small pin holes and varying opacity created by nonconformity of enjoining wood seams and binding material. As a result, woven wood shades filter light and views as opposed to completely light blocking. If you desired more privacy or room darkening effects, you can choose to add a liner. Woven Wood shades colors may change over time as a result of them being crafted from natural material. It is also important to note that woven wood shades may stretch over time (up to 1-2 inches) as a result of stretching of fabrics used to connect woven wood materials. Stretching may cause blinds to sit more prominently on window sills and flooring.

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